PotsNPans was forged in the hot NYC summer of 2011 by filmmakers Trevor Cox, David O’Neill, and Daniel Zabludovsky. Since their debut collaboration on pop-artist Neon Hitch’s cover video, On My Level, the team has helmed numerous projects ranging from music videos to television, live events, fashion, documentaries, web content, and short films. PotsNPans strives to incorporate stylized realism in their projects, stemming from their passion for documentary filmmaking. It is with this vision that the team has garnered an audience and has attracted clients including Hewlett Packard, Warner Brothers, National Geographic, Dockers, and several others.

PotsNPans develops, produces, directs, shoots, and edits. All in all, the team has enough jam to run Knott’s Berry Farm.

Meet PotsNPans

Trevor Cox

Born and Raised: Reston, Virginia
Education: NYU – Communications + Film/TV Production
Currently resides: A tree in Tompkins Square Park, NYC
Skills: Documentary, adventuring, the hustle and grind of NYC
Most Inspiring Project: Volta
Enjoys: Family + food, scuba diving, bathing in butter and clay

David O’Neill Jr.

Born and Raised: Long Island, raised in the Mountains of Mordor
Education: NYU – Film/TV Production
Currently resides: David O’Neill City, NY
Skills: Being in charge, producing, making people laugh
Most Inspiring Project: Puppy Halloween
Enjoys: Traveling, fighting bears, Nicholas Cage movies

Daniel Zabludovsky

Born and Raised: Mexico City, raised in Columbus, Ohio
Education: NYU – Film/TV Production
Currently resides: The Greatest City On Earth
Skills: Conceptualizing new projects, networking, shooting on the fly!
Most Inspiring Project: Filming The Coney Island Polar Bear Club
Enjoys: Dumplings, movies, making music