When you read the title, “Pink Fields,” you might imagine PotsNPans frolicking around with a scantily clad Neon Hitch all day in magical fields with rosy blossoms as far as the eye can see. We certainly made it look that easy in the video, but the reality was far from it.

Click the link below to see exactly how that morning began:

What a Beautiful Day!

Now, if you’ve never been caught in a rainstorm in New York, in December, allow me to elaborate. Winter rain here is the worst possible weather the East Coast can throw at you. Those little droplets falling from the sky are just as cold as snow, only pre-melted so they seep through your clothes instantly, like icy missiles bent on destroying all the warmth you may feel. Not that this applies to Neon, reallyconsidering she doesn’t ever wear much in the way of clothing.

Despite the weather that greeted us that morning, the shoot was happening, so we packed up the car and headed upstate, bound for Bear Mountain.

On the Road

Don’t let these smiles fool you. We were only a clever distraction away from bailing out the car window. No one relished the fact that we were about to spend hours upon hours freezing our nads off in the wilderness. Ah, the things we do for our art.

Although it was the middle of winter, we knew we wanted nature to be a strong theme in this video. Neon grew up as a gypsy traveling the UK in an RV, so we decided to take her back to her roots with a mini road trip upstate where we’d plop her in a National Park to see what we could film.

Truth be told, we didn’t have much of a plan beyond that, and even those flimsy ideas were thrown out almost immediately. When working with Neon you have to allow for a good deal of spontaneity.

Just off the Palisades Parkway in New Jersey, we stopped for snacks and encountered the most beautiful rest stop we’d ever seen: scenic cliffs over the Hudson River and a wooded area with a nature trail. We were only a little outside of Manhattan, but it was exactly what we were looking for. Out came the film equipment.

Only the Beginning

NOW came the frolicking.


Though the freezing rain had stopped, it had left freezing puddles everywhere. Freezing puddles that a nearly naked Neon freely rolled around in.

The moment the camera stopped recording, we’d attack her with coats and blankets to warm her up between takes. What a pro.

You can catch a glimpse of a harrowing moment behind the scenes on our Youtube Channel here.

Though we may have been more icicle than human by the time we wrapped, we made it back to the city with all the footage we needed. Stitching it together nicely with home video footage from Neon’s youth as a roving gypsy was another matter altogether— and a story for another day.

Gypsy Lady


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